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Five tips for health & fitness focus in this festive no-man's land.

December 28, 2017


As we sit in that festive no-man’s land between Christmas and New Year, like me I’m sure many of you are feeling as though the indulgence and merriment of the last week has taken its toll, and are starting to plan and focus cleaning up the nutrition and getting the training back on track next week come the New Year.


Well, what if I told you that you don’t have to wait ‘till the 1st? What if I told you there were FIVE simple things you can start right now that will go a long way to helping you make that transition easier, make you feel better today and give you focus?


1; Structure your daily eating. The last few days or more have likely seen your daily eating revolve around one large daily meal or buffet, and grazing either side, on all sorts of “food” that you probably wouldn’t consume too often. Start the day with a quality breakfast and get back into the habit of eating lunch and then dinner. This will help you reduce grazing and give you focus to your nutrition again.

2; Empty the house of all the fake “food”. All the nibbles and treats and snacks that wouldn’t normally live in your kitchen, but get pride of place at Christmas – get them gone, whatever is left, bin it. It sounds simple (and it is) the easiest way to avoid temptation is to not have it in the house – the nibbles, the crisps, the cakes and fancy breads. Ed. to add, well worth checking with your local food bank if any of the stuff you intend to throw away is of use to them - great suggestion Adele!

3; Pack in some protein to start the day. To help structure your eating, start the day with a protein heavy breakfast, eggs are a fantastic solution here. Quality protein in the morning will not only help you feel full for longer thus reducing the temptation to snack (get rid of the rubbish food), help stabilise your blood sugar levels and in the case of eggs provide you with vital micronutrients.

4; Up the hydration – no lectures on the importance of water here, but it’s fair to say in recent days water input has greatly reduced while dare I say alcohol intake will have increased and probably become more frequent too. Start with a large glass of water with each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner), start to flush out those toxins from the recent indulgences and you will start to feel better, more alive and more productive.

5; Get mobile. Little and often is the key here, no need to be forcing yourself to hit the hard miles running or on the bike. Aim for a start point of 10 minutes a day, in the morning is great as it will set you up for the day. Whether it’s a dog walk, a walk around the block to test out the step-count function on your new sports watch, some staircase repeats at home or a bodyweight circuit on the living room floor – get active, get the heart rate pumping and get out of breath.


Follow these simple steps and the bridge will be easier to navigate. Whether it’s a case of “New Year new you” or just needing to re-focus before the routine of training and healthy eating returns; do yourself a favour and start today.


Train Smart – Race Easy

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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