WarriorFIT is a functional fitness training club, designed to get you fitter across all the elements that combine to make "fitness", while simultaneously promoting optimum nutrition developing a healthier fitter YOU.

More than just a "bootcamp" and not a gym, WarriorFIT small-group workouts are constantly varied, high intensity and incorporate functional movements - pulling, pushing, carrying and travelling; following the principles of crossfit through natural movement and optimal nutrition.

Being the best version of you needn't involve endless reps and sets of weights or hours pounding the roads running - by using natural movements, working hard, varying the workouts and eating optimally, WarriorFIT can help you be that best version of you!

We combine the best of our local resources, with workouts that are proven to work in a training strategy that is used by the best warriors in the World, from the SAS to the SEAL’s and now YOU!

With small-group workouts held multiple times a week in central Dursley, you can buy a 10 class PASS via PayPal, and can come to as few or as many sessions a week as you want. Passes are valid for 10 sessions of WarriorFIT only, and must be purchased in advance. 

WarriorFIT is brought to you by The Endurance Department; drawing on experience of training for UK Special Forces, endurance events such a mountain marathon, ultra-marathon and multi-sport events as well as training from IRONMAN, CrossFit, Pose Running and the University of Kent.

Every Wednesday and Friday  at 6:30pm

£30 pcm by standing order

To register your interest, buy a pass or find out more contact us, and take the first step in being the best you!